Kent Test Registration

Is your child currently in Year 5?  Do you wish your child to sit the Kent Grammar school test?

The Kent Test is for children born between 1st September 2007 and 31st August 2008.

You must register your child’s details between 1 June 2018 (9am) and close on 3rd July 2018 (midnight).

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Click here to download the Parent Presentation on 9th May 2017

Click here to download the Kent Test leaflet (PDF, 144.1 KB)

Useful Contacts:

Secondary Admissions Team – 03000 412121


If you move to Kent after the Kent Test has taken place, or if your child has not been tested and you want to move them from their current secondary school to a grammar school, please read our information about moving to a different school.

If you live outside Kent

Every year, a large number of children who live outside Kent register to take the test but do not turn up on the day. This wastes time and resources, so please consider the following before you decide to register.

The test is only valid for Kent grammar schools. Medway Council has its own Medway Test and London Borough of Bexley has its own Bexley selection test.

Many children will find the test difficult. Grammar schools in Kent provide for children in about the top 25% of the ability range. In addition, some of Kent’s grammar schools  – particularly those which are most likely to offer places to children from outside Kent – give priority to those with the highest scores. You may want to discuss your child’s academic achievement with their primary school before you decide whether to register them for the Kent Test.

Passing the Kent Test does not guarantee your child a place in a Kent grammar school. Make sure you know where the Kent grammar schools are, and what the admissions criteria are for the school(s) you are interested in. Consider how likely your child is to be offered a place there, and how they would get to that school if a place was offered. If you will need help with the cost of transport from home to school, check your home local authority’s school transport policy.

School admissions are co-ordinated between local authorities. Even if your child qualifies for admission to a grammar school in more than one area, all your preferred schools must be listed on your home local authority’s application form, and you will not be offered more than one school place. Independent schools have their own admissions processes.

If your child is disabled or has special educational needs

If your child has a disability or special educational need that may affect the way they access the test, you need to discuss this with the person in your child’s school responsible for special educational needs (the SENCO) as soon as possible. Any proposal for alternative access requirements must made by the school by 11 July 2016.

When you register your child online for the test, you will see a tickbox asking you to confirm that you have discussed a request for access arrangements with your child’s school. If you use a paper form to register your child for the test, you will need to include written confirmation when you return it.