Curriculum Intent

Curriculum Intent Statement


The breadth and depth of our curriculum is designed:

  • To provide a broad, sequenced academic curriculum that leads to the children’s progression of knowledge and skills learnt.

  • To give all pupils a wide range of experiences to develop as confident, resilient and independent individuals who are prepared to be global citizens of the future.


Our curriculum is ambitious. It is knowledge based with regular opportunity for retrieval and retention whilst also securing the necessary skills to become successful independent learners. It builds on the school’s embedded Christian vision and values, forest schools and enrichment opportunities. Children are developed as valued individuals with an emphasis on health and wellbeing both physically and mentally. Subject Leaders have designed the curriculum to ensure that it is relevant and contextual both locally and globally to develop a deep understanding of the changing world and community that we live in.


We have developed six main curriculum themes through our Christian Values and curriculum aims and design. These themes reflect the strengths of the school and are responsive to the needs of our community and the ever changing wider world around us:


(acquire new vocabulary, read fluently, speaking and listening skills, public speaking, debaters)


(be in control of own learning, resilient, risk taker, cope with challenging situations)


(physically and mentally health aware, well being committee, well being threads through our curriculum, extended school clubs, physical health)


(educational visits, community projects, outreach, forest schools, local and global citizen)


(respect and tolerance, diversity, equality, cultural awareness)


(acquire knowledge, retain knowledge, apply skills, link up learning)


Our coherently planned academic curriculum is underpinned by our curriculum themes and uses the EYFS or National Curriculum (DfE 2014) as the basis for content and expectations. We have structured this as follows: 

  • All year groups have curriculum maps for each Term including key expectations for each subject, values covered, enrichment activities and PSHE focus.

  • Reading, phonics, vocabulary and spelling are taught systematically to master fluency, comprehension, language and prosody.

  • Retrieval practice and precision teaching is used daily in maths, spelling, punctuation and grammar and foundation subjects to retain knowledge.

  • Foundation subjects - Science, History and Geography - have a knowledge organiser consisting of subject specific vocabulary and powerful knowledge.

  • Formative Assessment is also ongoing through retrieval practice, low stake quizzes, questioning and pre and post taught sessions. There is regular feedback between children and teachers.

  • Core subject summative assessment takes place three times a year to inform teachers' knowledge of gaps in learning.

We use Roshenshine’s Ten Principles of Effective learning to provide consistent approach to our teaching, allowing children to acquire skills and embed knowledge in a step by step approach.

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Enrichment Opportunities



Our children have a love of reading and developed vocabulary range. They are confident in speaking and performing. They can articulate clearly. They can share opinions and listen/consider alternative viewpoints. 


Our children have techniques to support them when they come across difficult or challenging situations and learning. The skills they adopt help them overcome challenges or know where to go for support. They are confident in risk taking and problem solving, creative and resourceful in developing their learning. 

Well being

Our children develop healthy relationships with peers and adults based on our Christian values. They are physically active, understanding positive effects of regular exercise on the mind and body. 

Real World Learners

Our children experience real world experiences and become globally aware. They have understanding of global issues, appreciation of nature and the outdoors. 


Self-confident, strong moral compass, embed our school values in their every day lives; respect, courage, kindness, forgiveness, hope and honesty. They are respectful and tolerant of differences in other cultures and opinions. 


Our children are keen to enquire, ask questions, deepen their knowledge and develop their skills in a broad range of subjects. The majority will achieve key expectations in all programmes of study and some will master as they deepen and broaden their knowledge.









Bringing Faith and Education Together