Wellbeing in the Curriculum

Wellbeing in the Curriculum

Children at St George’s are taught the importance of their mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout their day. We ensure that there is “Time to talk” at the start of each and every day if needed and our wellbeing displays in every classroom remind the children of how important it is to talk about how they are feeling.

Teachers have an open door policy in which all staff are available any time to discuss situations that may be upsetting children, there are also worry boxes in each class for children to use if they are not keen to talk.



We use the KAPOW planning for mental health and wellbeing lessons to help us delivery quality wellbeing lessons which are taught alongside our PSHE curriculum.

Through our teaching of mental health and wellbeing, Children are also taught to understand the impact of physical health on their wellbeing and the school encourage physical activity throughout the day. The children complete a daily mile, take part in regular movement breaks and also get the opportunity to attend forest school sessions over the year, as well as completed their PE curriculum. Through the Science curriculum, children learn about healthy eating and the importance of diet on how they feel emotionally.









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