Online Safety Rules

Online Safety Rules for Pupils 

  •  I will only use ICT in school for school purposes.
  •  I will ask permission before using the internet and will only use sites that my teacher has chosen or said that I can use.
  •  I will only use my class email address when emailing.
  •  I will only open email attachments from people I know, or who my teacher has approved.
  •  I will not tell other people my ICT passwords.
  •  I will only open/delete my own files.
  •  I will make sure that all ICT contact with other children and adults is responsible, polite and sensible.
  •  I will not deliberately look for, save or send anything that could be unpleasant or nasty. If I accidentally find anything like this I will tell my teacher  immediately.
  •  I will not give out my own details such as my name, phone number or home address. I will not arrange to meet someone unless this is part of a school project approved by my teacher and a responsible adult comes with me.
  •  I will be responsible for my behavior when using ICT because I know that these rules are to keep me safe.
  •  I will support the school approach to online safety and not deliberately upload or add any images, video, sounds or text that could upset any member of the school community.
  •  I know that my use of ICT can be checked and that my parent/ carer contacted if a member of school staff is concerned about my Online Safety.










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