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Forest Schools

Parent Information for Forest School

Group one dates as follows:  Monday 9th January to Monday 6th February 2017

Joshua M, Gracie, Lacey, Ella, Amelie, Dayln, Tilly Gower, Dylan, Alice, Xavier Kane, Ollie, Hassan
Aiden, Nicholas, William


Forest School takes place in all weathers and in all 4 seasons.  Postponement of a session will only take place at times of strong winds unless outdoor space can be used, or school closure due to snow.


The wood will be muddy in places, even in the height of Summer. We expect the children to get muddy, and enjoy doing so!  For a child to be allowed, if not positively encouraged by an adult to get muddy, can be a really liberating experience for that child.  We ask parents to be supportive in this and not make the child feel bad because they are dirty.


‘There is no such thing as bad weather, merely bad clothing’.

We recommend everyone (adults included) wear old clothes (with legs and arms covered in all weathers) under the waterproofs, with stout footwear, wellington boots if possible.

Parent Volunteer

We are looking for a parent helper to support the children on Monday afternoons, if you are available and wish to help, please let Mrs Vickers know.


Wellies are excellent, but in cold weather, don’t keep feet warm at all.   Always wear 2 or 3 pairs of socks with these.  Walking boots are ok but can let water in after jumping in 10 or more puddles and need proper cleaning.  Trainers just let the water and damp mud in.  No sandals please.


Even in warm weather we ask that legs are kept covered to guard against  brambles & stinging nettles etc.  In cold weather, long johns or tights work well underneath. Waterproof leggings if appropriate.


Layers are best, they can come off – but cannot be added if they are not there!. Vest and t-shirt underneath a long sleeved top works well.


Waterproof please.

Other clothing items

Gloves, hats, scarves  Better to have them and not need them, than not have them at all.  Attaching a piece of string to each glove and threading them through arms of the coat will ensure that both gloves come home! 

We ask that children are not dressed in their very best coat and new shoes!  Parents are asked to dig out old clothes that they don’t mind getting grubby, and to let their child know that it’s ok to get their Forest School clothes dirty.  It’s surprising how many children are worried about being told off for getting mucky.

Kind Regards

Mrs L Vickers and Mrs L Montgomery