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At St George’s CE Primary, we believe that our ambitious and progressive curriculum inspires children to develop curiosity and fascination about the world and it's people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.


We plan our curriculum so that it can:

  • Develop rich and varied vocabulary

  • Nurture a life-long love of reading

  • Provide experiences of awe and wonder, opening a window to the world around them

  • Reduce disadvantage

We have chosen to use Development Matters as our non-statutory guidance.

Development Matters

We have carefully sequenced skills across each area of learning and development and then have planned opportunities for children to practice and consolidate these skills.


  • Shared vision that language skills are the priority of our curriculum and spoken language, vocabulary development and listening comprehension have been embedded into all aspects of the children’s learning.

  • The teaching of reading is in a systematic and structured way using the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised

  • We teach a deepening of children’s understanding of core mathematical concepts rather than moving on too quickly.

  • Handwriting is taught directly and lots of opportunities to practice writing skills and comprehension are timetabled into our week.

  • Where children are struggling to retain concepts or new learning, interventions are used to break down learning into smaller steps and children are given more time to embed their new learning.

  • Hands on, real life experiences offer our pupils an opportunity to develop their cultural capital.

  • Engaging, language rich experiences which act as a window to the world around them.


Pupils in our care leave Early Years equipped to meet the challenges of Year 1 and beyond. We aim to instil a motivation towards learning and ensure the essential skills of reading, writing and mathematics act as gatekeepers for successful learning across all other subjects.   

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Mrs L Lyle supported by Mrs K Moss & Mrs S McCarthy