KS2 National Curriculum Test (SATs)


Do you have a child in year 6 ? If so, they will have taken the key stage 2 national curriculum tests, also known as SATs, in May. They are marked externally and the results sent to schools.
Before the end of the summer term, your child’s school will send you a report. The report will include test results and teacher assessment judgements. Your child’s teacher forms the teacher assessment judgements. They judge what your child has achieved in maths, reading, writing and science at the end of year 6. Together, these tests and assessments should provide you with a good sense of the standard that your child is working at in these subjects.
Click on link below to access a leaflet produced by the DfE to help parents understand what to expect in reports about pupils’ assessments at the end of key stage 2 (KS2). It describes the role of national curriculum tests and teacher assessments, as well as how results are used.